Who is MCS?

MCS is established as a leading manufacturer of material handling products utilizing advanced technological capabilities in both the wire and steel arenas. Furnishing material handling solutions since 1979, MCS differentiates itself as a reliable and competitive manufacturer with the flexibility to customize products to better satisfy client needs. MCS contributes versatility, durability, and innovativeness to the material handling market.

What does MCS Manufacture?

The combination of MCS wire and structural steel lines provides the uncanny ability to specialize products to client’s logistical and ergonomic material handling requirements. Our customer responsive solutions allow for efficient and effective methods of storage, protection, handling, shipping, and returnable or re-usable packaging of client parts or products.

How can MCS resolve my material handling needs?

With MCS, you will never have to fit your needs to someone else’s container. We fabricate containers to match your specific requirements. One size does not fit all in the material handling arena. From start to finish, our product technologies, capabilities, and processes are catered to improving your production and logistical operations. MCS is structured for specialized container fabrication, utilizing a mix of creative engineering and lean production efficiency to harness a commitment to exceeding customer requirements. In reviewing our innovative panel of products, keep in mind that each container was manufactured for a specific client function and application. What are your specific needs and requirements? How could MCS help you build your material handling strategies?

What makes MCS solutions cost effective?

Customized material handling strategies support direct manufacturing and logistical operations. They diminish the time, effort, and resources otherwise required without an efficient system of product storing, handling, packaging, and shipping. In addition, returnable or re-usable steel and wire packaging systems consistently prove more cost effective over time than disposable ones. Could a returnable packaging system be catered to your incoming or outgoing product?

Innovative equipment, lean production efficiency, and a customer responsive structure allows MCS to competitively develop handling strategies and produce them on large scales simultaneously. Intricate and specialized products, such as these found on the following pages, inevitably result in worthwhile returns on customer investment.


What differentiates MCS?

  • Product fabrication to your specifics
  • Innovative and automated equipment
  • Customer responsive brain trust
  • No more adapting your need to their container
  • Expertise in the manipulation of wire
  • Creative and versatile product engineering
  • Lean and efficient production process
  • Over 25 years of experience in fabricating solutions

What are MCS mastered technologies?

  • Wire straightening and cutting
  • Automatic wire bending
  • Automated wire mesh fabrication
  • Manual wire resistance welding
  • Enamel painting
  • Hydraulic press bending
  • Mechanic press operations
  • Iron worker shearing, notching, punching
  • Manual and robotic arc welding